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Kevin Patrick Allen is kind, caring and enormously compassionate. He interviewed my husband and I about our beloved daughter, Anna Westin, who died from an eating disorder when she was just 21 years old. He created a safe space for us to talk about our daughter’s life and death that allowed us to tell an excruciatingly painful story honestly and without fear. The video Kevin created from the interview helped pass Federal Legislation, The Anna Westin Act, that has helped millions of people who are affected by eating disorders. I have no doubt that “The Anna Westin Story” opened the hearts and minds of our elected officials which led to President Obama signing the bill into law in December 2016. 

I would trust Kevin to capture and tell any and all personal stories in a way that will be compelling and meaningful for generations. 

Kitty and Mark Westin

Photo Credit: Brian Canavan

Kevin has a weird brain. It allows him to observe people and events while wondering about what lies in the background. Then he digs a little, learns a lot and then lays it out in a way that conveys all the pertinent facts wrapped in a compelling real life, real time story. He never stops challenging himself to do better and he always succeeds. The dude is weird. He has a mad gift for storytelling and the heart of a best friend, brother or dad.

Dave Williams

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Jeff Bell, Founder and CEO at Bell Public Relations